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Clothed with the Sun: Being the Illuminations of Anna (Bonus) Kingsford. Anna Kingsford. Edited by Edward Maitland. First edition: John M. Watkins, London, 1889. Second edition: The Ruskin Press, Birmingham, 1906. Third Edition: edited by Samuel Hopgood Hart, 1937. Sun Books (reprint), Santa Fe, 1993. 210 pp.

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"Illumination is the Light of Wisdom, whereby a man perceiveth heavenly secrets.

Which Light is the Spirit of God within the man, showing unto him the things of God."

[Clothed with the Sun, Illuminations (Part I), No. 9-10.]








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                To the numerous and world-wide circle of genuine students of Divine things, who recognised in Anna Kingsford a Seer, an Interpreter, and a Prophet of the rarest lucidity and inspiration, and a foremost herald of the dawning better age: and especially to the Friend whose instant and enthusiastic appreciation proved an invaluable support in a position of peculiar difficulty, and beneath whose roof some of the illuminations herein contained were received, but who desires to remain unnamed: and also to the “friend, disciple, and literary heir of the renowned magian, the late Abbé Constant (“Eliphas Levi”)” – namely, to the Baron Giuseppe Spedalieri, for manifold tokens of high approbation and devoted friendship – this book is affectionately inscribed.


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“And I saw another angel flying in mid-heaven, having an eternal gospel to proclaim unto them that dwell on the earth, and unto every nation, and tribe, and tongue, and people; and he saith with a great voice, Fear God, and give him glory; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made the heaven and the earth, and sea and fountains of waters.” (Apoc. 14:6-7)


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Dedication (v)
Preface to the Third Edition (Samuel Hopgood Hart, xi-xvii)
Preface to the First Edition (Edward Maitland, xviii-xxxii)



Part the First


No. I: Concerning the Three Veils Between Man and God (1-3)
No. II: Concerning Inspiration and Prophesying (4-7)
No. III: Concerning the Prophecy of the Immaculate Conception (7-9)
No. IV: Concerning Revelation (9-11)
No. V: Concerning the Interpretation of the Mystical Scriptures (11-15)
No. VI: Concerning the Mosaic Cosmogony (15-17)
No. VII: Concerning the Fall (17-19)
No. VIII: Concerning the Prophecy of the Deluge (19-20)
No. IX: Concerning the Prophecy of the Book of Esther (20-22)
No. X: Concerning the Prophecy of the Vision of Nebuchadnezzar (22-23)
No. XI: Concerning the Prophecy of the Time of the End (23-27)
No. XII: Concerning the Soul: Its Origin, Nature, and Potentialities (27-34)
No. XIII: Concerning Persephone, or the Soul’s Descent into Matter (34-35)
No. XIV: Concerning the Genius or "Daimon" (36-42)
No. XV: Concerning the “Powers of the Air” (43-46)
No. XVI: Concerning the Devil and Devils (46-47)
No. XVII: Concerning the Gods (47-48)
No. XVIII: Concerning the Greek Mysteries (48-52)
No. XIX: Concerning the Origin of Evil, and the Tree as the Type of Creation (52-54)
No. XX: Concerning the Great Pyramid, and the Initiations Therein (55-57)
No. XXI: Concerning the “Man of Power” (57-60)
No. XXII: Concerning the “Work of Power” (60-63)
No. XXIII: Concerning Regeneration (63-65)

(p. viii)
No. XXIV: Concerning the Man Regenerate (65-68)
No. XXV: Concerning the Christ and the Logos (68-69)
No. XXVI: Concerning the Perfectionment of the Christ (69-70)
No. XXVII: Concerning Christian Pantheism (70-71)
No. XXVIII: Concerning the “Blood of Christ” (71-73)
No. XXIX: Concerning Vicarious Atonement (73-77)
No. XXX: Concerning Paul and the Disciples of Jesus (77-79)
No. XXXI: Concerning the Manichaeism of Paul (80)
No. XXXII: Concerning the Gospels: Their Origin and Composition (80-84)
No. XXXIII: Concerning the Actual Jesus (84-87)
No. XXXIV: Concerning the Previous Lives of Jesus (87-88)
No. XXXV: Concerning the Holy Family (89-90)
No. XXXVI: Concerning the Metempsychosis or Avatâr (90-92)
No. XXXVII: Concerning the Aeon of the Christ (92-93)
No. XXXVIII: Concerning the Doctrine of Grace (93-94)
No. XXXIX: Concerning the “Four Atmospheres” (94-95)
No. XL: Concerning the Hereafter (96-99)
No. XLI: Concerning the True Ego (99-101)
No. XLII: Concerning God (101-104)
No. XLIII: Concerning Psyche, or the Superior Human Soul (104-108)
No. XLIV: Concerning the Poet, as Type of the Heavenly Personality (108-111)
No. XLV: Concerning Psyche (111-113)
No. XLVI: Concerning Consciousness and Memory in Relation to Personality (113-116)
No. XLVII: Concerning the Substantial Ego as the True Subject (116-118)
No. XLVIII: Concerning the Christian Mysteries (120-123)
No. XLIX: Concerning Dying (123-124)
No. L: Concerning the One Life: Being a Recapitulation (125-130)



Part the Second


“I AM” (133)
No. I: The Credo: Being a Summary of the Spiritual History of the Sons of God, and the Mysteries of the Kingdoms of the Seven Spheres (134)
No. II: The “Lord’s Prayer”: Being a Prayer of the Elect for Interior Perfectionment (134)
No. III: Concerning Holy Writ (135)

(p. ix)

No. IV: Concerning Sin and Death (135-137)
No. V: Concerning the “Great Work,” the Redemption, and the Share of Christ Jesus Therein (137-140)
No. VI: Concerning Original Being; or, “Before the Beginning” (141-142)
No. VII: Alpha, or “In the Beginning” (142)
No. VIII: Beta, or Adonai, the Manifestor (142-143)
No. IX: Gamma, or the Mystery of Redemption (143-145)
No. X: Delta, or the Mystery of Generation (145-147)
No. XI: Epsilon, or the First of the Gods: Proem and Hymn to Phoibos (147-148)
No. XII: Zeta, or the Second of the Gods: Proem, Hymn to Hermes, and an Exhortation of Hermes to his Neophytes (149-153)
No. XIII: Eta, or (mystically) the Third of the Gods: Proem, and Hymns to the Planet God, to Hephaistos, to Demeter, to Poseidon and to Pallas Athena (153-163)
No. XIV: Theta, or (mystically) the Fourth of the Gods: Hymn to Aphrodite, and a Discourse of the Communion of Soules, and of the Uses of Love between Creature and Creature; being part of the Goldene Booke of Venus (164-169)
No. XV: Lambda, or the Last of the Gods; Being the Secret of Satan (169-173)
No. XVI: The Seven Spirits of God and Their Correspondences (173)
No. XVII: The Mysteries of the Kingdoms of the Seven Spheres (173-174)



Part the Third


Concerning the Divine Image; or the Vision of Adonai (177-182)



Notes (187-201)
Definitions and Explanations (201-210)


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