The Perfect Way; or, the Finding of Christ. Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland. Hamilton, Adams & Co., London, 1882. Second enlarged and revised edition: Field and Tuer, London, 1887; and also Esoteric Publishing Company, Boston, 1988. 3rd edition: 1890. Fifth edition, with additions, and a Biographical Preface by Samuel Hopgood Hart: John M. Watkins, London, 1923. 405 pp.

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Initial Information and Title Pages


Preface to the Fifth Edition (i-lxvii)

Preface to the Second (Revised) Edition (lxix-lxxx)

Preface to the First Edition (lxxxi-lxxxviii)

Abstract of Argument and Contents (lxxxix- cvii)


Lecture 1st – Introductory (1-37)

Lecture 2nd – The Soul; and the Substance of Existence (38-63)

Lecture 3rd – The Various Orders of Spirits; and How to Discern Them (64-93)

Lecture 4th – The Atonement (94-117)

Lecture 5th – The Nature and Constitution of the Ego (118-144)

Lecture 6th – The Fall (Nº. I) (145-175)

Lecture 7th – The Fall (Nº. 2) (176-209)

Lecture 8th – The Redemption (210-257)

Lecture 9th – God as the Lord; or, the Divine Image (258-302)

Appendices (305-364)

Index of Subjects and Principal Words (365-405)






   Initial Information: In this site we have the complete Html text of the Fifth Edition (1923) of The Perfect Way. This work, possibly the most important one by Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland, certainly is the most well known of them. To give an idea of its importance, below we have a few passages of comments on the book. The first one is from an obituary written by Madame Helena Blavatsky, with great praise to Anna Kingsford, where we can read:


            “She was (…) a leader of spiritual and philosophical thought, gifted with the most exceptional psychic attributes. In connection with Mr. Edward Maitland, her truest friend (…) she wrote several books dealing with metaphysical and mystical subjects. The first and most important was The Perfect Way, or the Finding of Christ, which gives the esoteric meaning of Christianity.”


   The second is a quotation from Samuel H. Hart, from his essay In Memoriam to the Rev. G.J.R. Ouseley. There he brings the opinion of Rev. Gideon Jasper Richard Ouseley on The Perfect Way. Rev. Ouseley was the author of The Gospel of the Holy Twelve:


            “We had a long talk together, but with some difficulty on account of his deafness. When I told him of my interest in the teaching of The Perfect Way, he said, in his opinion it was “the brightest and best of all revelations that had been given to the World”. In a letter to the magazine Light (1882, p. 475) he described The Perfect Way as “the most wonderful of all books which have appeared since the Christian era”. But he despaired of the world ever receiving it, because “the world had always rejected the Truth; had always crucified Christ and his doctrine, and would it not do so again?” Of this, however, he was sure; “The Church of the future would be the Church of The Perfect Way”. (In Memoriam to the Rev. G. J. R. Ouseley and Brief Biographical Information)


   Finally, the opinion of Baron Giuseppe Spedalieri about The Perfect Way, quoted from the Preface to the Second (Revised) Edition:


            “The veteran student of the “divine science,” a reference to whom, as the friend, disciple, and literary heir of the renowned magian, the late Abbé Constant (“Eliphas Levi”), will be for all initiates a sufficient indication of his personality, thus writes to us: –

“As with the corresponding Scriptures of the past, the appeal on behalf of your book is, really, to miracles: but with the difference that in your case the miracles are intellectual ones and incapable of simulation, being miracles of interpretation. And they have the further distinction of doing no violence to common sense by infringing the possibilities of Nature; while they are in complete accord with all mystical traditions, and especially with the great Mother of these, – the Kabbala. That miracles, such as I am describing, are to be found in The Perfect Way, in kind and number unexampled, they who are the best qualified to judge will be the most ready to affirm.

            “And here, apropos of these renowned Scriptures, permit me to offer you some remarks on the Kabbala as we have it. It is my opinion: –

            “(1) That this tradition is far from being genuine, and such as it was on its original emergence from the sanctuaries.

            “(2) That when Guillaume Postel – of excellent memory – and his brother Hermetists of the later middle age – the Abbot Trithemius and others – predicted that these sacred books of the Hebrews should become known and understood at the end of the era, and specified the present time for that event, they did not mean that such knowledge should be limited to the mere divulgement of these particular Scriptures, but that it would have for its base a new illumination, which should eliminate from them all that has been ignorantly or willfully introduced, and should reunite that great tradition with its source by restoring it in all its purity.

            “(3) That this illumination has just been accomplished, and has been manifested in The Perfect Way. For in this book we find all that there is of truth in the Kabbala, supplemented by new intuitions, such as present in a body of doctrine at once complete, homogeneous, logical and inexpugnable.

            “Since the whole tradition thus finds itself recovered or restored to its original purity, the prophecies of Postel, etc., are accomplished; and I consider that from henceforth the study of the Kabbala will be but an object of curiosity and erudition like that of Hebrew antiquities.

“Humanity has always and everywhere asked itself these three supreme questions: – Whence come we? What are we? Whither go we? Now, these questions at length find an answer, complete, satisfactory, and consolatory, in The Perfect Way.”” (pp. lxxviii-lxxix) [Fifth edition. John M. Watkins, London, 1923. 405 pp.]





The Finding of Christ









Fifth Edition, with Additions and a

Biographical Preface by Samuel Hopgood Hart.



“God hath uttered His voice: and the Earth shall melt away.” (Ps. 46:7)












(p. cvii)

   “And the Lord God said unto the serpent . . . I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.” – Gen. iii. 14, 15.


   “And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.” – Apoc. xii. 1.



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