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Spiritual Therapeutics; or, Divine Science. By W.J. Colville, Educator Publishing Company, Chicago, 1888. 332 pp. The work includes an article by Anna Kingsford Unscientific Science: Moral Aspects of Vivisection.


            Information: This work is today a rare one. Below we have a photo of the first title page, its Preface and Contents, with the links to the complete Html text, including the complete text of the article by Dr. Anna Kingsford – Unscientific Science: Moral Aspects of Vivisection, which is part of the work. Observation: The revision of the digitization errors is not yet complete.
















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            THIS work is issued to meet a long-felt want for a compendious statement of the essential principles of Spiritual Science as presented in harmony with the advanced thought of the present day. No endeavor has been made to accomplish the impossible, therefore the claim is not put forward that any subject is treated finally or exhaustively. The Spiritual Science of Health and Healing, published in 1887, first in Boston and then in Chicago, has met with so large a circulation all over the world that the author has consented to publish this new work for the purpose of answering many questions, and more fully elucidating many problems raised in tile minds of readers of Spiritual Science of Health and Healing. The original intention of this work was to put in the hands of enquirers into Spiritual Science everywhere a handy text-book, portable in form and procurable at nominal expense, designed expressly as an aid to study both in the class-room, the home circle and the private study. In addition it has been found highly desirable to append a considerable number of thoroughly authenticated cases of healing without the use of medicine or any physical contact whatsoever.


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            The questions and answers have been carefully selected from those asked and answered in classes and also from a great number forwarded to the author in response to public invitation through the press. The directions for treatment have received special attention, and it is confidently believed by the projectors of this volume that every man, woman and child of average intelligence, who will study this subject carefully and give it the serious attention it so richly deserves, will find him or herself able to demonstrate the truth of much, at least, of what is expounded in the following pages. With the earnest hope and fervent prayer that a perusal of these pages may be fraught with blessing to all who study them, the render is referred to the body of the volume.


            N. B. – The following synopses of twelve class lessons are intended as skeleton hints for persons desirous of pursuing a systematic course of thoughtful study in the privacy of their own homes. They are also suggested as fruitful for consideration in assemblies of inquirers, where the custom is to have something read by a president, and then talked over by the members of the fraternity or club. They will, also, perhaps, be found of some slight assistance to young teachers in preparing themselves to meet their classes.





(p. iii)




            LESSON I

God – The Relation of Man to the Infinite – Difference between Reason and Intuition (7 to 14)


            LESSON II

The Human Mind; Its Origin and Destiny – At What Period Did It Did It Begin in Time? – What Room Does It Occupy in Space? – Is It Substance or Force? – Is It a Cause or an Effect? – What Specifically Is Its Shape, Size and Substance? – Upon What Principles or by What Properties Can It Resist Destruction? (A Subject Given to Mrs. Cora L. V. Richmond by a Philosophical Society in Chicago, and Treated Upon by the Author of this Volume by Particular Request (15 to 33)


            LESSON III

The Divinity of Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God – the Essential and the Historical Christ Contrasted (34 to 54)


(p. iv)

            LESSON IV

Evil and its Remedy (55 to 75)


            LESSON V

Resurrection (76 to 94)


            LESSON VI

Transfiguration (95 to 118)


            LESSON VII

True Individuality – In What Sense and to What Extent Is Man a Free Moral Agent, and What Is the Ultimate of Individual Spiritual Attainment? (119 to 139)


            LESSON VIII

What Is the Perfect Way, and How May We Walk in It? (140 to 162)


             LESSON IX

The Religious Instinct; its Origin, Growth and Ultimate Perfection (163 to 184)


            LESSON X

How Can We Explain Miracles Scientifically, and Accomplish Wonders Apparently Transcending the Operation of Natural Law? (185 to 204)


(p. v)

            LESSON XI

Practical Advice to Students, Healers and Patients, and Directions for the Application of Spiritual Science to All the Avocations of Daily Life (205 to 218)


            LESSON XII

Formulas, Their Use and Value (219 to 233)


            MISCELLANEOUS QUESTIONS (234 to 289)





Contributed by Dr. ANNA KINGSFORD (292 to 308)



Contributed by Mrs. SARA HARRIS, Berkeley, Cal. (309)



Spiritual Science Catechism (310 to 321)



Testimonials from a Number of Experienced Healers (322 to 332)



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